Our Researchers

The Snowdome Foundation supports exceptional Australian researchers and their dedication to advancing diagnostic tools and
treatments for blood cancer patients. Over the past 13 years, Snowdome has supported 67 research projects, which has enabled
over 98 research positions focused on different types of blood cancer. We are delighted to showcase the life-changing work of
these talented researchers and we remain committed to promoting collaboration between researchers and individuals who are
passionate about contributing to blood cancer research.

Since 2010, Snowdome has supported the following researchers:


A/Prof Mary Ann Anderson A/Prof Amit Khot Prof Jeff Szer AM
A/Prof Piers Blombery Tracy King Dr Peter Tan
Dr Charles de Bock Dr Jamie Kuzich Dr Siok
Prof Richard Boyd Emily Li A/Prof Daniel Thomas
Dr Nicole Brooks Prof Richard Lock Dr Ella Thompson
Prof Chan Cheah Dr Kylee MacLachlan Dr Joshua Tobin
Dr Katherine Cummins Prof Ravi Majeti Prof Judith Trotman
Prof Mark Dawson Dr Jacek Marzec Dr Ashwin Unnikrishnan
A/Prof Michael Dr Elizabeth Moore Dr Kate Vandyke
Dr Pilar Dominguez Prof Charles Mullighan Dr Meaghan Wall
Dr Katie Fennell Prof Stephen Nutt Prof Andrew Wei
Dr Gareth Gregory A/Prof Jane Oliaro A/Prof David Westerman
Prof Sean Grimmond Dr Michael Osborn Dr Carrie van der Weyden
Dr Carolyn Grove Prof John Pimanda Dr Simon Willis
Dr Belinda Guo Prof Miles Prince AM Dr Colin Wood
A/Prof Eliza Hawkes Dr Indu Raman Dr Costas Yannakou
James Hicks Prof David Ritchie Dr Paul Yeh
Prof Ricky Johnstone Prof Andrew Roberts AM Dr Jessie Zhao
A/Prof Lev Kats Prof Jake Shortt
A/Prof Melita Kenealy Prof Andrew Spencer

International Reach

International collaboration and the exchange of knowledge play a crucial role in the advancement of translational research into innovative treatment options. Snowdome has collaborated with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) in the United States and the Leukaemia Foundation in Australia to drive forward ground-breaking blood cancer research via the LLS Translational Research Program. The program focuses on accelerating research that shows significant potential of translating into new clinical applications.



Now into its fifth year, the collaboration between our organisations has resulted in the funding of ten Australian research projects, worth a total of AUD $9 million.
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