2022 Blood Conference

We congratulate the following researchers and clinicians who presented at the annual Australian scientific meeting – Blood 2022. A conference for blood researchers and clinicians, we are proud to see nine current and past Snowdome researchers presenting their work to their peers. We are thrilled to know that they represented 16% of all blood cancer presenters during the conference.

Dr Mary-Ann Anderson
A/Prof Dickinson
Dr Gareth Gregory
Dr John Pimanda
Prof Jake Shortt
Prof Andrew Spencer
Dr Siok-Keen Tey
Dr Kate Vandyke
Prof Andrew Wei

We also proudly acknowledge the 17 Australasian Lymphoma Alliance members who presented at the conference. Snowdome has partnered with the ALA since its inception in 2018.

Dr Mary Ann Anderson
Dr Adam Bryant
A/Prof Michael Dickinson
Dr Genevieve Douglas
Dr Shaun Fleming
A/Prof Matthew Greenwood
Dr Gareth Gregory
A/Prof Nada Hamad
Dr Wojt Janowski
Dr Colm Keane
Dr Bryone Kuss
Prof Stephen Opat
Prof Jake Shortt
Prof Con Tam
Dr Maciej Tatarczuch
Dr Emma Verner
Dr Robert Weinkove