Kiss Blood Cancer Goodbye

September is blood cancer awareness month and this year we are asking you to get involved.  The rates of blood cancer diagnosis and mortality are increasing year on year and Snowdome needs your help to find better treatments for this indiscriminate disease.

We are asking you to kiss a vice goodbye for the month of September and donate the savings to Snowdome to fund blood cancer research.  Giving up your two coffees a day or your shopping addiction, or your sneaky block of chocolate for just one month can help save someone’s life.  Every little bit helps.

You can even start a fundraising page to keep yourself honest with friends and family getting behind you, to support you, as you support blood cancer research.

Better treatments will only come through research.  Thank you for giving something up to give someone else a longer opportunity at life.

To create a fundraising page please click here.

Or simply make a donation by clicking here.