A socially accountable brand making a difference to blood cancer research

Fifteen years ago, the father of fashion designer, Lisa Gorman was diagnosed with two forms of blood cancer – lymphoma and leukaemia. As Lisa’s father began treatment, it became evident that more funding was required for research to uncover new treatments and better ways to manage the condition. It was during this period that Lisa became aware of the T-cell Lymphoma Group who were conducting ground-breaking research into innovative treatments.

Lisa knew immediately that she wanted to help accelerate this research, so rather than making a one-off donation, she decided to engage her customers and showcase social accountability with her brand.

Returning to her hometown of Warrnambool in southwest Victoria, Lisa and her mother Jane began hosting Gorman’s sample and end of season sale there. Most of Lisa’s family still live in the seaside town, so the sale is a family affair. Each year, they all come together with friends to help make the pop-up sale a success. Everyone wanted to be part of something that is making a real difference.

Dedicating the proceeds of the Gorman sale to T-cell lymphoma research, Lisa has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the Group.

So, next time you are in-store investing in a wonderful Gorman piece, celebrate the fact that you are also investing in a brand that is supporting blood cancer research. Wear your Gorman with pleasure and pride. A huge thank you to Lisa, her family, and her loyal customers over years for making a difference to the lives of blood cancer patients. You are ‘making hope real’ for Australian blood cancer patients.