Blood Cancer Awareness Month

The month of September is dedicated to raising awareness for blood cancers. It is alarming that every 36 minutes another Australian will be diagnosed with a blood cancer. In fact, new data just released indicates that the incidence is increasing with a predicted 17,000 new cases in 2020. This makes all blood cancers combined the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia. However, it is not all doom and gloom. Research has made great progress in recent years, uncovering new genomic mutations to help guide clinicians to provide patients with the most effective treatment from the start. Snowdome feels incredibly proud to support the Wilson Centre for Lymphoma Genomics that is making many of these genomic breakthroughs to give blood cancer patients a fighting chance right from the start.

At Snowdome our focus is to accelerate next-generation treatments for Australian blood cancer patients. However, we need to raise the profile of blood cancers, to make the Government and funding bodies realise the enormity of blood cancers when combined. To help us achieve this we have been asking people to wear red and post a photo on social media in support of raising awareness about blood cancers. To highlight that they are indiscriminate, that they can affect anyone, that we all know someone that has been afflicted by a blood cancer. We also gained radio coverage with a number of our extended Snowdome Family sharing their story on radio. We are hoping by sharing stories, wearing red and discussing blood cancers, more people will be aware of the impact of this disease.

Thank you for helping ‘make hope real’ for Australian blood cancer patients.