Geoff Nyssen changing community, changing lives

Geoff Nyssen is changing lives and a community.

It’s hard not to get enthusiastic and motivated to be a better version of yourself when you chat with Geoff. The Snowdome Foundation is incredibly lucky to have him as one of our amazing volunteers.

Geoff is the brains and the driver of the MY Mount Eliza Run & Fun Festival, an event that he created to bring community together, a myeloma community. He wanted to create a festival where myeloma patients and their families could gather, to honour those on the myeloma journey, to remember those who have passed, and to enjoy life and what it has to offer. All the while contributing something that benefits patients in the longer term.

On a personal level Geoff wanted to be a role model for his children, to show them that when you are faced with adversity, like his myeloma diagnosis, you take on the challenge and create something special with it. Raising over $180k over the past four years, Geoff and his team of volunteers have helped so many. This year the money is contributing to a world-first myeloma trial.