Snowdome Foundation ranks #266 in Financial Times Top 500 High Growth Companies in 2020

We are incredibly proud to announce that the Snowdome Foundation in conjunction with Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision ranked number 266 in the Top 500 high growth companies in Asia Pacific. To quote Maxine Kelly, from The Financial Times “While the data in the table does not take into account the unfolding Coronavirus, it could help to identify those with the buffers to survive the fallout”. The Snowdome Foundation is dedicated to accelerating new treatments for Australian blood cancer patients to help them live longer, better lives. Every grant we have committed we have the means to fulfil and we have no intention of letting a virus stop our fundraising efforts to enable more research. Blood cancer patients still need us, maybe even more than ever.

It would be remise not to extend this celebration to every individual, company and foundation that has supported us with donations, services, goods and advice over the years.  We could not do it without you.