Cancer free after genomic testing

18 months ago Snowdome spoke with Amanda Lindell while she was in the middle of treatment for her chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL). CLL generally affects people 20 years older than Amanda and is usually a very slow cancer, smouldering away in the background. However, Amanda was young and her CLL was progressing rapidly. Her haematologist encouraged her to have a genomic test at the Wilson Centre, he wanted to have a good look at the ‘personality’ of her cancer. He wanted to know why it was growing so fast, and whether it would respond to chemotherapy. The results of the genomic test determined Amanda’s course of treatment. She carried a mutation that made her eligible for a clinical trial for a new combination of immunotherapy that was showing positive results overseas. The genomic test is most likely the reason Amanda is in remission today.

To celebrate the remarkable news that she is cancer free Amanda and her husband hosted an event to raise funds for Snowdome to invest in the Wilson Centre for Genomics. Amanda knows her outcome could have been very different if she had not had the genomic test and she is determined more people should benefit from genomic testing. An incredible $32,000 was raised on the night. Thank you Amanda, for sharing your story, for hosting an event and being passionate about blood cancer patients living longer, better lives. Thank you to all who came donated and supported Amanda – you are helping ‘make hope real’ for Australian blood cancer patients.

If you feel genomic testing might be appropriate for you please speak with your haematologist to request a test through the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.