Vale Tom Long

We are deeply saddened to hear the news of Tom Long passing.  Tom was an inspiration to many.  He bravely shared his journey with multiple myeloma with the world, not because he wanted the attention but because he strongly believed it would help others.  He has raised awareness, lifted spirits, gave many hope and made many more smile. Our thoughts are with his wife, Beck, their family and friends.

Tom died cancer-free, CAR T-cell therapy had worked to destroy the myeloma. Ultimately viral encephalitis took his life.  In an interview with The Age his wife Beck commented “The next part of his journey was to dedicate himself to raising awareness of CAR T-Cell therapy. For us, we were self-funded to go to Seattle for this treatment. That’s not an option for a lot of people. [He believed] it should be for everyone.”  The Snowdome Foundation is dedicated to helping make this wish a reality.  Let’s do this not just for Tom but for all blood cancer patients in need of CAR T-cell therapy.