Reassessing what matters in life

At the young age of 36 Clinton was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML). The diagnosis helped him to reassess his life to determine what was important to him and how he wanted to live his life. He made a few big changes. He moved out of the city to the Macedon Ranges. He invested in his hobbies and he reassessed where he donated funds.
Like many of us, Clinton sets aside a certain amount he would like to donate to charities each year. For him the decision was clear, he didn’t want to invest in a lot of different charities, he wanted to invest in one that he felt a connection to. So, Clinton set up a monthly direct debit to the Snowdome Foundation and has been donating monthly now for the last 3 years. His monthly donations go towards blood cancer research, one day the investment he is making might just uncover a cure for his CML. Until then he is happy knowing he is helping ‘make hope real’ in the fight against blood cancers.
If you would like to make monthly donations to advance blood cancer research, please contact