Sharing the load

On Anzac Day 1935 a 20-pound bet was made between the local publican and the local mechanic that one could not push the other 88kms in a wheelbarrow from Beechworth to Mt Buffalo.  As ridiculous as the bet sounds the two mates set off and 8 days later reached Mt Buffalo. The bet was won but the 20-pound cheque was never cashed.  The event captured the heart of the town and the Nation because it was about what was possible in a time of extreme hardship. Australia was in the grip of the great depression and this wacky idea sparked that Australian sense of fun, comradery and pride.

It was this idea of working together, helping each other and being a community that drove Guy Wilkinson to recreate the 1935 event.  The Barrowthon is now in its 4th year and the Snowdome Foundation feels incredibly privileged to be chosen as the charity of choice for one team.  Team leader Karen lost her Aunt suddenly from acute myeloid leukaemia earlier this year.  Her son was devasted to see his great Aunt and family members go through so much emotional pain.  He promised her he would ‘push a barrow’ for her so no other family would have to go through what they were going through.

Sue’s crew we love that you are prepared to push a wheelbarrow 88kms to help other blood cancer patients.  You are helping ‘make hope real’ in the fight against blood cancers.

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