Friends of Tom Long raise significant funds for a CAR T-cell therapy centre

The plight of one of Australia’s favourite actors to multiple myeloma captured the attention of many but in particular his close school friends.  Tom Long was a student at Geelong Grammar, famous for its Timber Top year that seems to build a friendship bond that lasts well beyond the school years.  When his school year saw the Project footage and heard his wish to raise funds for Snowdome to build a CAR T-cell therapy centre in Australia they rallied together and pulled off a fabulous fundraising night.

There were lots of shared memories, laughter and when Tom’s friend and MC for the night Kate Atkinson could get the crowd quiet, we had contemplation.  Prof Miles Prince outlined how CAR T-cell therapy works and why we need your help to fund a centre in Australia.  We should not have to travel to the US for lifesaving treatment.  Through generous donations, Tom’s friends made a difference in ensuring other blood cancer patients don’t have to go through what Tom has had.

Huge thanks to Tom Long and family for sharing their journey so others don’t have to suffer. To all the generous individuals that donated – thank you.  You are ‘making hope real’ in the fight against blood cancers.

There is still time to donate.