Volunteer Week – shining a spotlight on Mark Inston

As part of Volunteer Week, we would like to shine a spotlight on Mark Inston.
Q1. How did you become connected to Snowdome?
A. I am a patient of one of the founders, Miles Prince. Miles introduced me to Snowdome a few years ago. I’ve been working with the Christine and Bruce Wilson Centre for Lymphoma Genomics at PeterMac, an Australian first that does a number of things, including helping patients to improve their diagnosis with genomics. They get more targeted treatment with this support.
Q2. Why do you donate so much of your time and resources to Snowdome?
A. A number of reasons. I believe in Snowdome’s goals and aspirations with my heart and soul. It’s so important for so many people. Snowdome makes a difference to many patients’ lives. But I also love being part of such a well run and structured organisation. I take pride in being a (very small) part of that. It is immensely rewarding.
Q3. What do you love most about being part of the Snowdome family?
A. Snowdome’s people and their vision to help others. These are people bound by a common purpose to help others.

Thank you for everything you do to help Snowdome achieve its mission to accelerate next-generation treatments for Australian blood cancer patients to help them live longer, better lives.