Leaving a bequest to Snowdome is gifting Australian blood cancer patients with hope

Evidence shows blood cancer patients have a better outcome if they are enrolled in a clinical trial. Sadly, for a multitude of reasons Australia is often not included in blood cancer trials. At Snowdome, we work with leading Australian Haematologists to identify key opportunities to enable trials to commence, which provides Australian blood cancer patients with an avenue of hope.

The funding Snowdome has achieved since establishment has already resulted in some remarkable outcomes for Australian blood cancer patients. Our Annual Review highlights these achievements as well as the ongoing work we are supporting. Snowdome funds a fellow who worked on a breakthrough blood cancer treatment that will replace chemotherapy targeting a protein causing cancer cells to melt away. Snowdome has not only funded the development of a world-first genomic test it has also established genomic testing to improve diagnostic accuracy, and therefore aid selection of precision treatment to target a specific mutation. However, there is so much more that needs to be done to help Australian blood cancer patients live longer, better lives.

Leaving a bequest to Snowdome is gifting Australian blood cancer patients with hope. Bequests are critical to the future of the Snowdome Foundation and ensure that research into blood cancer continues to be a focus in Australia. If you are considering a bequest or have kindly already nominated Snowdome as a recipient please contact our CEO Kirstee Macbeth (email: kirstee@snowdome.org.au ; phone: 0477 300 030).