Snowdome funds T-cell lymphoma study

A new study looking at treatments for T-cell lymphoma will be going ahead at Peter Mac thanks to the generosity of Snowdome donors:- the Wolf Foundation, Vision Super (proceeds from the Murray to Moyne fundraising bike ride), Mat and Gabrielle Goldsmith (proceeds from their birthday & celebratory fundraising events) and a range of anonymous donors.

The study at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is titled ‘Biological and Tissue Correlates Study (BioTiCS) in T-cell lymphoma’. T-cell lymphoma is a subtype of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma with a poor prognosis following conventional chemotherapy. The project will explore the mutational landscape of T-cell lymphoma in patients exposed to a range of therapies. We are very pleased to also advise that biopharmaceutical company, Celgene, has agreed to offer ‘in kind’ support through supplying a drug that is effective for T cell lymphoma and which is not available on the PBS for the study,

The principal investigator will be Dr Michael Dickinson who says he expects 30-50 patients will participate in the study. “The primary objective,” says Dr Dickinson “is to provide biological correlative data in patients with T-cell lymphoma, hopefully helping to guide selection of therapy. This data will hopefully assist in defining which patients are most likely to respond to this group of biologic therapies”.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.