Vale John Allen

It is with great sadness that we farewell one of our keenest supporters. John Allen will forever hold a special place in the hearts of everyone at the Snowdome Foundation. His advice, wisdom and guidance in our formative years played a significant role in establishing Snowdome’s strong foundations and it was always given so generously. The Foundation would not be where it is today without John’s expertise on fundraising and strategic planning.

Snowdome Director, Professor Miles Prince, was John’s cancer specialist and was asked by the Allen family to reflect on John’s life at his funeral. Miles says it was an enormous privilege to have the honour of talking about the relationship a patient has had with his doctor. “The doctor-patient relationship is unique and you learn a lot about each other on that journey. John was determined, loyal and proud. He wasn’t afraid of death but he did not want to die so he made sure, that when he had the chance, he would squeeze as much as he could into the time he had.”

“He kept working because he was determined to keep ‘making a difference’. When I told him about Snowdome, he and Helen didn’t hesitate to join our cause. I think he recognised our passion and he had a way about him that rewarded your passion. Making you feel that what you were doing was right. We at Snowdome made John our Judge and our Jury – and if John agreed with you – you felt you were right, you were honourable, you were doing good. He was wise, and he was a truly good man.”

John lost his hard fought battle against myeloma in January this year. He had many friends at Snowdome and will be very sadly missed. Thanks to his significant contribution, the Foundation’s work will continue to ‘make hope real’ for Australians with blood cancers.

We extend our deepest sympathy to John’s wife Helen and the family on the loss of a wonderful man.