Vale Danny Hogg

In late 2013, three passionate Snowdome Foundation supporters – Emma, Glenn and Danny – formed team Holy Cow and drove a tiny auto-rickshaw across India in a race more against adversity than for riches. They raised over $10,000 for Snowdome and much like the Fireflies after them, they rode for those who suffered.

With the scent of travel fresh in his considerable lungs, Danny (aka Hoggy) escaped Melbourne for the quieter, life less ordinary in Lombok, Indonesia. He had everyone busting for a visit ever since.

That was until November 12th when the dream life he created for with his new bride Izzy and their new baby daughter Java took an unexpected and frightening turn. Danny was involved in a very serious motorbike accident. He sustained critical injuries from which he did not recover and it’s with an extremely heavy heart we pass on this news of one of our beloved supporters.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Danny’s family during this difficult time, with his loving friends and the wonderful Holy Cow team.

A celebration of his life was held on Sunday the 13th December at the Royal Saxon in Richmond (Vic) where everyone paid their respects to this wonderful man in the way he wanted, with love, laughs and a few beers thrown in.

Grant Rutherford.