Maximise your workplace giving to Snowdome

Company employees can now donate to Snowdome via workplace giving facilitator Good2Give, an online, cloud-based platform that handles all the administrative work associated with a corporate community investment program.

What exactly is workplace giving? Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for employees to singularly or regularly donate, pre-tax, to their own charity of choice (eg. Snowdome). The funds are deducted from the employee’s pay before tax so it minimises expense for the employee and maximises the benefit for the charity. Employers also encourage donations through ’matching’.  This means Snowdome will receive a corporate donation as well!

Good2Give provides many Australian companies with the necessary tools to manage a workplace giving program. To see a list of companies currently working with Good2Give, click here.

From Snowdome’s point of view, aligning with Good2Give furthers our foundation’s awareness and reach within the corporate community. We are very pleased to be part of the program and hopeful that companies and employees who participate in workplace giving programs will regard Snowdome as a worthy recipient of future donations.

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If your company is interested in establishing a workplace giving program, please contact Good2Give –