Farewell Nicky Long (but not goodbye)

Nicky Long, one of Snowdome’s Directors since foundation in 2011, has resigned her Board position to concentrate on her new role as Chief Executive Officer of Snowdome’s affiliate, Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision (MRV). Although we are sad to lose Nicky’s expertise and enthusiasm from Snowdome, we will continue to benefit as she brings her highly valued skills to help forge a strong strategic partnership between our two organisations and greatly assist MRV’s future success.

Words cannot describe the amount of passion and commitment that Nicky has brought to Snowdome. As a member of the pre-foundation Steering Committee where she provided valuable strategic marketing guidance to forming part of the inaugural Board, Nicky has shared her skills with all key stakeholders and been instrumental in the success that Snowdome has achieved in such a short time.

Taking the driver’s seat as Chief Executive Officer for a short period and also chairing both the Donor and Fundraising Committees, Nicky’s professionalism and exceptional leadership in engaging individuals and families, corporates and the government to invest in blood cancer research has been inspirational. In conjunction with the vision and enthusiasm of other ‘Snowdomers’, namely Mandy Mandie and Grant Rutherford, Nicky led the establishment of Snowdome’s major fundraising event – and Australia’s first-ever virtual event – the ‘Great Shake-Up‘, in 2013. Without her drive and commitment to ‘shake things up’ and engage a whole host of event and pro bono partners, supporters, ambassadors and volunteers, our event would not have been possible nor would it have been repeated in 2014 and 2015! Over the three years, the ‘Great Shake-Up’ has been integral to the achievement of some of Snowdome’s major goals. Not only has it raised almost $2.5 million for blood cancer research in Australia but also raised the awareness of blood cancers amongst corporate Australia.

Snowdome will be eternally grateful for Nicky’s contribution. Her four year commitment has helped make our organisation a leader in its field. We very much look forward to working with Nicky to build and strengthen the bond between Snowdome and MRV and together in our partnership, we will continue to bring new treatments, research and trials to blood cancer and bone marrow failure patients sooner.

Thank you Nicky for all you have done for the Snowdome Foundation and blood cancer sufferers in Australia. We wish you every success for the future.