recently approved research projects

Over the last 9 months, Snowdome’s funding efforts have been concentrated on directing just over $1,000,000 into epigenetic treatments for Australians with blood cancers.

Snowdome has worked with several passionate donors to invest over $750,000 and has successfully secured $311,000 in matched funding through the Victorian Cancer Agency. A wonderful model of ‘government & philanthropy’ working together. Here is a snapshot of the new research initiatives:-

George & Yolanda Klempfner Fellowship
Novel agents such as BET inhibitors are an innovative research area that has wide applications in haematological malignancies. A two year fellow position is required to coordinate a clinical trial in BET inhibitors which is currently planned at Peter Mac Cancer Centre, together with basic research within the Dawson Laboratory. Thank you to Dr. George Klempfner and Mrs. Yolanda Klempfner AO for their extraordinary generosity.

Molecular profiling of MDS Research Project
This project will explore molecular profiling to identify patients who benefit from demethylating therapy in Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Specifically, this project will develop a clinically applicable molecular predictive index of response to azacitidine in MDS through a three-tiered approach to personalised molecular profiling:
1. Next generation sequencing for mutation detection
2. SNP-A karyotyping for the detection of larger scale genetic lesions
3. Genome wide methylation profiling (funded through complementary grant – VCA VEG grant).

MicroLEN in AML and MDS Clinical Trial
A Phase 1 human clinical study of micro-dose lenalidomide as maintenance therapy post-allogeneic haematopoietic cell transplantation (alloHSCT) for patients with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) or myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), at high risk of relapse.

Victorian Epigenetic Group (VEG) Peter Mac Fellowship – co-funded with Victorian Cancer Agency
The Peter Mac Cancer Centre Epigenetics fellow will look after the patients on two clinical trials already running, recruit to these studies and work to develop new clinical trials of epigenetic therapies for patients with blood cancers. Within the VEG collaboration there are a number of trial concepts currently being explored. The fellow will be intrinsic in developing and managing up to five additional human clinical trials studies which will provide new treatments to Victorian patients.

Alfred Scientist – co-funded with Victorian Cancer Agency
This project will fund a senior research scientist to continue work to better understand which patients with multiple myeloma respond to epigenetic therapies. The scientist is working towards better combinations of drugs including HDACi and proteasome inhibitors. The scientist will use bone marrow samples donated from patients on clinical studies to try to work out why some people respond well to combinations of treatments and others don’t. Ultimately, the scientist aims to develop a marker that can be used to predict which patients might respond best to particular treatments so that doctors and patients can make more informed decisions about which treatment options are best for the individual patient.

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