Adding the personal touch to a ‘Great Shake-Up’ boardroom

We are down to the final hours before the Snowdome Foundation ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 and are loving the feedback from many who have signed up. We love the fact that some are going the extra mile!

Snowdome Ambassador Andrew Cody has done an amazing job of personalising his event. He will be hosting his ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 event on the historic Steam Yacht ENA. Andrew has also secured contributions from the following generous organisations: catering from Tony & Cheryl Carter, bagpipes from Dylan Littlejohn, opera singing from Lynore Cody plus Mighty Duke & the Lords band, plus Rick Jobson Anthony’s Fine Jewellery in Brisbane, Chris Alp Business Planning, Cody Gems & Jewellery, The National Opal Collection and Anjali Jewels Japan.

Andrew also told us that he has been given a stunning watercolour of the SY ENA to auction to help raise additional funds for our foundation. The artist, Tony Belobrajdic*, was interested in supporting Snowdome and the ‘Great Shake-Up’ because one of his friends has a family member with blood cancer. Many thanks Tony!

As you complete your final preparations, we encourage you to add your own personal touches to your ‘Great Shake-Up’ event.

And we’d love you to send us a photo of your meeting room and guests watching the ‘Great Shake-Up’.  You can share your photos via:

• Twitter @SnowdomeAU – #greatshakeup

Facebook or

• Email to

We look forward to virtually meeting you on October 15th at 12:30pm. Thank you for your support of the Snowdome Foundation.

* Please take a moment to view Tony’s lovely artwork at