‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 online event is going to sea!

Snowdome Ambassador Andrew Cody is swapping his ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 boardroom for a boat. Four years ago Andrew was diagnosed with myelofibrosis (a cousin disease of myeloid leukaemia) but he was fortunate to be able to access a trial drug and has not looked back since. He has a passion for Snowdome and its research work into blood cancers, driven by the recognition that the opportunity to give real hope to Australians with blood cancer lies in access to clinical trials of next generation drugs – and he is dedicated to helping others with blood cancer access the same opportunity.

Andrew raised almost $30,000 for the Snowdome Foundation’s ‘Great Shake-Up 2013’ event by gathering 60 of his friends together and auctioning several high value items. This year, in true Snowdome spirit, he is ‘shaking things up’ again and taking his ‘Great Shake-Up’ event onto a boat.

Andrew chose no ordinary sailing vessel for this year’s event. The S.Y. ENA is the finest example of an Edwardian period steam yacht and has recently come to Melbourne with a new home in the Docklands. Described by the world register of historical vessels as “flawless and without equal, the 116 ft steam yacht is regarded as among the world’s best. S.Y. ENA stops everyone in their tracks and has them lost for words when they go aboard.”

SY Ena 2


The Snowdome Foundation warmly thanks the Turner Family for generously donating the S.Y. ENA to support the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014. Shipmaster Jonathan Turner has a seagoing career spanning 20 years. His father Warwick Turner, is the founder of the Sydney Maritime Museum, his brother Hamish, is a skilled steam engineer and his sister Tiffany, has a career in hospitality specialising in event management. All family members are contributing their expertise to support the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014.