achievements & results

Since Snowdome began in 2010, we’ve been working hard to attain¬†some significant achievements.

With the generous help of our donors and supporters:-
– 8 clinical trials have been opened with Snowdome support;
– 375 Australian blood cancer patients will be receiving next-generation treatments by 2018;
– a joint initiative has been undertaken with the Victorian Cancer Agency to deliver a clinical research fellowship for new research targets ($800,000 over four years); and
– we continue to strategically drive our fundraising efforts into specific projects to achieve our mission.

The 2013/14 financial year was a busy one for the Snowdome Foundation with generous donations and a successful grant increasing our total funds secured and directed since 2010 to $8.2 million (please click here to read our previous year’s (2012/13) annual report). As always though, continued funding is imperative to achieve our mission.