‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 VIRTUAL HELP DESK

To ensure optimal enjoyment of the Snowdome Foundation’s ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014, you will need to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Ensure there is internet access.  A wired internet connection with a minimum of 2000kbps download speed is recommended for optimal viewing.
  • Have IT staff members accessible, if needed.

Invite your guests:- Send out a calendar invitation with a link to the website & last year’s highlights attached. You may want to extend an invitation to clients to join you for the hour and share some lunch.

Have your personalised login information and Troubleshooting Guide accessible:-  This will be emailed to you after we have received your registration for the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014.

Participate in a testing session:-  There will be two testing sessions prior to the event (late September/early October) to ensure your meeting room participants can optimally view the ‘Great Shake-Up’ 2014 program.  There will also be Live Chat Support available during these testing times.

If you would like to contact the Snowdome Foundation team, please email info@snowdome.org.au  or call 0477 300 030.